Demand Pooling
Frequently Asked Questions("FAQ")

1. Who is DEPO?

2. Numerous acronyms are used throughout the site, please explain: SLG, IFB, RFB, and RFP?

3. Some state and local governments' procurement laws restrict cooperative purchasing agreements to other government (entities or agencies). How does DEPO qualify as a public procurement cooperative?

4. It states that DEPO's service is free of charge to governments. How then does DEPO collect revenue to support its platform? In other words, do you collect a fee from the contractors and if so, how much?

5. It mentions that savings come from volume-discount pricing on high-ticket purchases made by SLGs. But it also refers to savings derived from financing or leasing. How does this work?

6. Which government procurement laws do you follow in developing contracts?

7. Do you have examples of previous solicitations?

8. What results of the previous pools would be beneficial for us to learn?

9. How do you accommodate the different terms and conditions of each agency into one conglomerate bid package?

10. Can DEPO give a concise but detailed step-by-step overview of the entire process?

11. Who are the principals in the company?

12. How can I be assured that my regular vendor(s) or supplier(s) will be able to participate in bidding on my IFB?

13. What is the cost (or percentage of contract value) charged to the buyer or to the supplier to whom the contract is awarded? What other costs to the vendor are involved?

14. For any particular solicitation, why can't agencies see the list of potential suppliers? Knowing who our potential vendors are prior to a solicitation is a key factor in determining whether we need to perform additional vendor outreach?

15. How does the agency keep a copy of the solicitation for its contract files?

16. How are amendments issued?

17. How do agencies know when a particular commodity is going to be solicited? For example, we are in the middle of a 5-year contract for fuel, so I many not need to participate in a current solicitation?

18. Can agencies monitor the progress of a solicitation without being required to partici-pate in it?

19. What is the length of time between a notice of an upcoming solicitation opportunity and the time an agency has to post its requirements? Between when it is posted and when it is open for bidding?

20. Do you include any Federal requirements, such as Buy America?

21. How do you measure estimated savings?

22. Do you offer the opportunity for buyers to solicit index-based pricing for fuel?

23. What benefits can we obtain from you system in the way of including or assisting minority suppliers?

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